Brand strategy

    Market research, product strategy, brand planning, brand planning

    Innovative design

    Design of the exterior design of the creative design of the CMF study

    Structure design

    Mechanism design of the mold design

    Supply chain platform

    CUBIC management, supply chain management, quality control, quality control

    Cube views Activity

    MI is the brand concept identification, is the core concept of brand management,
    Is to guide the direction of the CI rely on, so do not rush to the pursuit of visual presentation,
    Because there is no concept of brand recognition is just a dead-alive person.
    Boya before shaping the brand image, will take some time to think about and Ming
    Indeed the core concept of the brand and appeal, to enhance the added value of its brand,
    only in accordance with the Support MI, in order to create brand force, enhance sales force, to give vitality!

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